Grand Strategy in the Age of Mass Destruction

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April 2011

Jeff Nyquist Interviews Kevin D. Freeman, author of Economic Warfare: Risks and Response - Analysis of Twenty-First Century Risks in Light of the Recent Market Collapse 

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April 2011

Jeff Nyquist interviews
Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho


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July 2011

Jeff revisits his 2009 interview with Venezuelan anti-Marxist patriot Alejandro Pena-Esclusa, who was imprisoned for the past year by Hugo Chavez and was released in mid-July (though he is still under house arrest and facing trial)

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November 2011

Jeff interviews Guardian Moscow Correspondent Luke Harding
author of Mafia State: How one reporter became the enemy of the brutal new Russia

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February 2012

Jeff Interviews CIA agent Reza Kahlili about the Iranian regime
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May 2012

Jeff interviews Dr. Peter Vincent Pry on EMP and the threat to America
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July 2012

Jeff interviews U.S. Senate candidate Marielena Stuart
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August 2012

Jeff interviews documentary film-maker Robert Buchar about his long-awaiting documentary about the fall of Communism. 

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September 2012

Jeff interviews Eric Ekvall about the elections in Venezuela. Click Here to Listen

October 2012

Jeff interviews Stephen Baskerville about the disintegration of marraige in the West. Click Here to Listen 

November 2013

Jeff interviews Diana West about her book, American Betrayal. Click Here to Listen