Grand Strategy in the Age of Mass Destruction

A Warning From Abroad
Commentary for 29 November 2016

The foreigner leaned toward his American contact. “This is of the greatest possible importance and urgency,” he said quietly. The American was perhaps surprised. What was this all about, he wondered. The foreigner said, “This is about the efforts of the Green Party’s candidate, Jill Stein, to conduct a recount, audit, and ‘reconciliation’ of presidential election results and voter records in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, with the probable aim of either overturning the results or bringing their legitimacy, and that of the next U.S. President, into serious public doubt.”

Doubt is not a good thing in such matters. To introduce doubt is potentially destabilizing. For example, if you count the votes twice, and if it turns out different the second time, you have generated two dubious election results. You have settled nothing, and the situation can only get worse.

In the presidential contest in 1960, Richard Nixon once wrote that the outcome was decided by the “shift of one-half vote per precinct.” He also wrote, “There is no doubt there was substantial fraud….” But Nixon did not contest the election outcome, even though he had been cheated.  He did not ask for a recount. He knew that a recount was potentially damaging to the country.

In this matter Nixon was a patriot. Jill Stein, on the other hand, is a communist. The foreigner explained, “The entity behind this is, amazingly enough, the Russian Federation. The Russian government sees this as a perfect and truly unique opportunity to permanently destabilize the United States. The Russians don’t possess the means required to defeat the United States militarily, at least not without destroying themselves in the process. They do, however, possess the means to use the political instability present in your country today to their advantage and … permanently cripple any and all faith the American people still have left in their government and constitutional system.”

The foreigner continued, “Americans do not have a common heritage, race, or religion, like almost all other nations do, so if you eliminate their essential faith in the U.S. constitutional republic and its democratic institutions of government, there really isn’t that much left to maintain coherence in your society. It would slowly, but surely, cave in on itself.”

And why would Russia want this?

“The Russian government,” he said, “does not want a strong Trump administration to take office. They want the United States to decline and degenerate – politically, militarily, economically, diplomatically and socially. The ongoing operation has been in the works over an extended period of time. The Russians view Trump’s election as being indicative of a possible U.S. resurgence that could threaten Russian interests over the long term, despite their conciliatory tone and whatever lip service they might pay to ‘mending fences’ with the United States.”

For many decades the Russians have used “front organizations … funded through highly opaque and very sophisticated means in order to provide plausible deniability….” These organizations operate inside the United States, in plain view. For many years the Russian government has worked for the overthrow of the U.S. and other governments. “The intended results were almost always violent overthrow, sedition, insurrection, revolution, extreme civil unrest, and a general failure of public institutions….”

Quite naturally, Russian Cold War assets in the United States have been recruited “to cause chaos in the U.S. electoral process and the Russians believe they have nothing to lose, since it doesn’t matter to them if the election results are overturned or not, so long as the legitimacy of the next U.S. President is irreparably damaged.”

That is Jill Stein's mission. This is the same Jill Stein who tweeted, on the death of Fidel Castro, that "Castro was a symbol of the struggle for justice in the shadow of empire." Castro was a communist and Jill Stein supported him. Russia also supported Castro. In fact, Russia is secretly supporting Jill Stein! 

Isn't it obvious?

The foreign source for this story must remain anonymous. For myself, I already knew what side Jill Stein was on without an intelligence report from abroad. She is a communist who uses environmentalism as camouflage. She is a tool of Russia, a foreign enemy of the United States. Stein's three-state recount effort is merely an attempt to poison the electoral well. It is only obvious that Russia doesn't want President Trump to build a wall, or make America great again. Russia's leaders want America to remain vulnerable, internally divided and confused.

Shall we oblige?