How to Order Origins of the Fourth World War

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Origins of the Fourth World War

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Jeff Nyquist
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    "This book is a fascinating, comprehensive, and chilling, detailed analysis of the ultimate 'what if.' Read it and pray."

Geoff Metcalf, KSFO talk show host and WorldNetDaily columnist


    "My friend Jeff Nyquist's book, the Origins of the Fourth World War, is a brilliant result of long term and very professional geo-political research and analysis.  His book is based on real facts and information connected with current international developments.  Without any exaggerations, it's possible to compare the results of Jeff's work with an intelligence agency or a serious think tank's research and analysis during many months.  His book is very important for the national security of America and needs to be used for the protection of the United States from current and prospective dangers."

Colonel Stanislav Lunev, Russian GRU defector